Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you just have to be somewhere else? It’s a persistent pull, like an unscratchable itch. It won’t stop unless you actually get to that place. They call it “wanderlust” - to me, it’s lifestyle.

My name is Dex and welcome to my travels!

I can be at different places at different times of the day. It can be a tiring job, but it is extremely satisfying, especially for someone who loves travel as much as I do.

The thrill and excitement of traveling inspires me to squeeze in an adventure and do more of it even outside work. To see the real beauty of whatever place I find myself in, I go off the beaten path and find the jewels out there – both the tourist-polished gems and the beautiful, rough diamonds awaiting discovery.

Of course, travel isn’t always everything. I have a family, and balancing my life between family and work is quite a challenge in itself. But even while I find myself caught in between these two loves, I also manage to make time for myself. And that time is spent doing the one thing that satisfies me most – traveling.

I made this blog to share the adventures my wandering feet have taken me. I believe that by sharing my travels around the world as I see it, I can bring the world closer and inspire people to travel.

So, see you around and who knows, I’ll bump into you during one of my travels.


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