There are tons of travel blogs and this site is definitely not the first of its kind. But what makes Budget Traveler a cut above the rest lies in its general perception, that traveling need not be costly. You can travel the world on a budget. It’s not easy, but it is a feat worth treasuring.

What are the advantages of traveling on a budget? This blog breaks them down for you.

You can save more.
It comes without saying that traveling cheap will help you increase your savings. To help you do this, Budget Traveler features budget restaurants and cheap hotels for your next trip. From inexpensive hole-in-the-wall eats unbeknownst to many to tips in finding the right place to stay in — this blog has you covered.

It helps you appreciate the small things in life.
Whether you’re stressed from the daily grinds of work or just simply tired of the mundane things you wake up to every day, traveling is the much-needed lift for the weary spirit. And if you’re going to roam the world, it would be extra nice to do it on a budget. For one, when you learn to travel cheap, you get to focus on the small things you take for granted. Opting out on pricey airfares and going onboard trains or buses allows you to admire new terrains and enjoy the simple pleasantries in life close up.

This blog is one with you on this. I will be providing you tips on how to ditch pricey trips for more affordable ones, without you missing out on any experiences.

You get to taste more exotic cuisines.
Being on a budget means giving up some indulgences that you don’t really need. In this blog, I will tackle the importance of trading luxury meals for food that enrich the body, as well as the spirit. I’ll let you in on curbside cuisines. The goal is to give advice on the tasty treats you won’t find in posh restaurants. Don’t get me wrong as fine dining is great. However, it is more enjoyable to get a taste of the exotic — what locals in a particular city eat on a typical day.

You get to be more creative.
Scrap that tour package, let’s go DIY. Here, you’ll find lots of tips on how to prepare your own list of itineraries. This way, your adventures will be more exciting. Many budget-conscious travelers resort to DIY tours to cut back on expenses. The result is stunning.

That said, dear wanderer, welcome to my blog!


“Is this place any good?”

Now you no longer have to ask! Get honest-to-goodness reviews on the best hotels, airports, cafes, bars, and restaurants at glance. Know what to eat, what to drink, where to stay, and what to avoid. Learn more about the services of each, their specialties, and the good and bad spots. Never travel blind again, and never go over the budget! Plan your trip exactly as you want them with our expert opinions. Take your experience to the next level.

Hotel Reviews
At the end of a long day’s travel, all you want is a nice place to crash in for the night. You’d also want it to be affordable, clean, safe, near transit points, and with all the amenities you need. Sounds like a lot? These are just the basics, whether you are traveling alone or vacationing with your family.
Here we will review the best hotels in and around your favorite destinations. Know which ones will give you the best bang for the buck, and the best zzz’s for the night! No matter what your style is, you’ll find our reviews and recommendations useful.

Airport Reviews
For a traveler, it’s not just the destination that’s important. How you get there should also be considered. Standards of safety and affordability should the norms of comfort – else you’ll find all your energy sapped at the end of your journey. How will you enjoy what you came for?
In this section, you will find reviews about the airports between you and your destination. You will also find tips and tricks that will save you a lot of hassle on your journey. Know all about the amenities each one offers, as well as the things you should be avoiding in each. Here’s to a great journey ahead!

Cafe, Bar and Restaurant Reviews
In a traveler’s journey, the cafe and restaurant is almost as important as the hotel. From fleeting stopovers to a late afternoon rest, these places provide us with the perfect venue to regroup and plan for the next leg of adventures. At night, bars and other watering holes provide some much-needed merriment.
And like anything else in our journey, we want these establishments we visit to be the best. In this section, we will take a look at the highlights and lowlights of each. Are there any specialties you shouldn’t miss? Any ones you should skip? What kind of service and atmosphere should you expect? Read on to find out!


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