Considered as one of the best tropical beaches in the world, Boracay is among Philippines' best beaches at peer with the best beaches in the Caribbean islands, South Pacific and the neighboring Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia as well. Thus, earning a consistent spot as the number one holiday destination resort in Asia.

With its powder-like white sand and crystal clear waters, Boracay remains a tourist favourite even if many other picturesque islands have captured the world’s attention. It may be more commercialized now than it was a few years ago, but its charm remains the same.

Both local and foreign visitors still rave about its breath-taking sunset, and they would flock towards the shore when the sun starts to touch the horizon. When the sun finally waves goodbye, the vibrant nightlife that also made this island famous comes alive. With fire dancers and live bands from end to end, this island paradise is transformed into one big party.

Whether it is your first or nth time in Boracay, this travel guide will be a great companion in planning your trip.


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The Hero’s Retreat: Dapitan’s Rizal Shrine

Within its expansive landscape lies Rizal Shrine, which houses several structures paying tribute to the martyr’s deeds. If you are in the least bit interested in Rizal or his contributions to our country’s history, Rizal Shrine should be on your bucket list.

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