Back in Penang, Malaysia

Watching the old yet elegant lady for the first time since I moved to another company about 8 years ago, memories from the good old days onboard the M/S Amusement World gushed in.

M/S Amusement World in Sweetenham Pier

M/S Amusement World in Sweetenham Pier

There she was and less than a hundred meters away quietly berthed at port of Penang’s Sweetenham Pier. And there’s the ship’s mooring station at the stern with its winches and mooring ropes reminding me of the good old days onboard- barbecue parties, singing and dancing. Crew parties were often held here.
Looking farther away from the M/S Amusement World, you can see Penang’s medium rise buildings defining part of the city’s skyline. Unfortunately, I can’t find the photo where high rise buildings at the background showcasing another section of this multi – cultural city of Malaysia.
I was onboard another cruise liner when I visited Penang last April 1, 2015. The ship docked at Georgetown’s newly built cruise terminal in Sweetenham Pier. The cruise terminal is modern but disappointingly there was nothing inside the terminal but immigration personnel and police – no souvenir shops, not even a café or restaurant.
Prangin MallShort ride away from the terminal is Prangin Mall, Komtar Plaza, several shops and restaurants. Prangin Mall and Komtar Plaza were just two of my most frequented spots in Penang back then. I went inside Prangin Mall and I noticed nothing has changed. Well, of course there may be few changes but in general the place remains the same as it was 8 years ago. Walking cross the link bridge is Komtar Plaza. I think it still remained the tallest building in this section of Penang. I did some grocery shopping here and had a quick snack at a Mc Donald outlet.
Before heading back onboard, I made another stop in one of the restaurants in Penang and had a taste of nasi lamak. Nasi lamak is coconut rice served with hot chili sauce, fried anchovies, sliced tomato and cucumber, fried peanut and hardboiled egg. This popular native Malaysian delicacy is mouth watering – it is a must-taste delicacy in Malaysia.


Church Street Pier now Tanjung City Marina

On my way back to the ship, I passed by the former Church Street Pier now Tanjung City Marina. Tanjung City Marina is Penang’s world class marina. It’s walking distance to Penang ferry terminal and to the cruise terminal in Sweetenham Pier.
It was really great to visit Georgetown, Penang again. And I am constantly hoping that one day, I will be back in the city once more – taste its food, leisurely walk on the streets and do some shopping.

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