Budget Traveler Nominated To The Versatile Blogger Award

Budget Traveler, my blog about my travels, about my random thoughts and on personal finance management has been nominated to the Versatile Blogger Awards.

To preserve the spirit of the award, I am committed to bring the Versatile Blogger Award to the wider expanse of the blogging world. To do this, I need to
– First, thank the person who nominated and gave me this award.
– Second, I have to tell 7 things about myself to the person who nominated me.
– Third, I have to pick 15 bloggers I recently discovered or bloggers I have been following and nominate them to the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you very much Ultimate Travel for nominating Budget Traveler and for that nomination, you just gave my blog the very first award, the Versatile Blogger Award. My endless thanks to you!

And for nominating me, that entitles you to learn 7 things about me.
1. I love travelling and it’s the reason why I decided to work on ships and travel the world.
2. I prefer to travel on a budget. I believe travelling need not be costly. I prefer to stay in budget hotels, fly with budget airlines (if availability permits), and so on.
3. I love road photography – it’s easy and light on the budget too. Well, of course, the better camera you have, the better the photographs you’ll get. But, photography isn’t only about the camera; it’s also about how the photographer capture the photo.
4. I prefer walking for miles. Yes, I hiked but I must see to it that I have my camera along.
5. I love to eat. I am a regular buffet restaurant customer.
6. I run at least 2 miles a day or something like 30 minutes on the tread mill.
7. I want to become a certified vegetarian but I certainly could not just do it.

If I spend several hours writing a post, I also find time to read others blogs. In my list below are 15 of the blogs I nominated to the Versatile Blogger Award. Trust me, these bloggers rock!
Love, Amielle
Misfit Vinegaroon
Thoughts of SheryL
Jarrad Saul
Curios Traveller
Third Eye Mom
Urban Poetry
The Kitchen’s Garden
Pinay Flying High
Joy Loves to Travel
Australasia Adventures
A Travellers Footsteps
The Shower of Blessings
Retiree Diary
Mind Traveler

To the blogs I nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, you all have already won! Have a nice day and happy blogging!

  1. I also tried being a vegan pero suko agad ako day 1 palang. Ang hirap! Hahahaha. Atsaka sana kasing motivated ko ikaw kuya, ang sipag mo mag-exercise.

    Thank you for this and congrats kuya! 🙂

    • Umabot ako until day 2 pero parang hihimatayin na ako kaya back to dating gawi…. kaya ang ginawa ko, pag marami ang nakain ko mas tatagalan ko ang pagtakbo… 🙂

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