Curious To Set Foot In Nagasaki, So Here I Am

nagasakiThe thing that always pops first in my mind every time I heard or read about Nagasaki was that horrific atomic bombing during World War II. So when I visited Nagasaki, I became very curious to see personally (and not from history books alone) how the place has evolved and moved on today and at the same time so hopped-up to wonder and explore historical and several interesting sites around the last city to experience a nuclear attack.

The port of Nagasaki is somehow sheltered and not directly exposed to winds and swells from the Pacific Ocean. It’s a nice port with low to medium rise modern buildings dotting the coastline, the inner harbor and up the hills. A very prominent structure upon entering the harbor is the bridge where ships entering and leaving port passed underneath.

nagasakiNagasaki has the coolest and most uniquely designed cruise terminal I’ve ever seen. Though it’s not that huge cruise terminal but its futuristic touch on its design is remarkable. The structure appears to look an underground terminal as its roof is covered with a plaza and some trees around.
Nagasaki is best explored on foot. Just fronting the terminal and almost connected to the building is one of Nagasaki’s many museums. I forgot to take note its name but it has something to do about World War II memorials.

Just a little walk and across the road is an ascending street with Nagasaki specialty shops, coffee shop, a couple of restaurants and fruit market.

oura_cathedralThen walking farther more up passing shops and roadside vendors and towards the hill which appears to look as dead end of the street is the quaint, beautiful and very simple 150 year old church, the Oura Cathedral. It really was nice to get inside the church and for a fee of ¥300, it’s well worth a visit.

Also some walking distance from Nagasaki’s passenger terminal is the former site of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Nagasaki. Then just few meters ahead is the former site of the British Consulate in Nagasaki.

Port stay in Nagasaki was very limited but I was very grateful to have explored at least few of Nagasaki’s interesting spots of historical importance. Who knows in the future I’ll find myself walking again in this historic Japanese port and explore more around the city of Nagasaki.

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