Filipinos have been learning about the Chocolate Hills ever since elementary school. But what about actually paying this land a visit? It’s easier than you think, and Bohol is much more rewarding a place than any book says.

Bohol is located in the central Visayas area, with one major island and around 75 surrounding minor islands. It has neighboring provinces Cebu and Leyte to the west and north-east respectively. To its south is the Bohol Sea, which opens up to Mindanao. Bohol’s capital city is Tagbilaran, which is also the location of its very own airport.

Bohol is truly a paradise many are yet to experience. It does not have the excessive commercialization of other top tourist spots (like Boracay). However, it has all the charm of a new world waiting to be discovered. Hop on a plane and make your way here – it’s a new adventure from the moment you land!

Bohol is a gem that is largely undiscovered for many Filipinos. The scenery, the local life, the biodiversity, the pristine waters – these are all things that draw tourists from all over. Go to Bohol and experience the magic – it’s easier than you expected.

Photo: Ilya on Flickr


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