Exploring Old Town of Riga

It’s not the ship’s first visit in Riga as the ship had already made several calls to this port in the past.

Riga Cathedral

It may not be the first visit for the ship, but for me, it certainly was my very first – my first time to explore Riga on foot and see some of the city highlights.
The sights of Riga are not those typical sights very common in modern day cities because what Riga has are those sights from hundreds of years ago. From medieval churches and castles in the Old Town to many other structures built in later periods, Riga offers a wealth of interesting spots to discover and explore.
I went ashore and explored the city, particularly in the Old Town. Time ashore was so short or not long enough to explore more around the city. But I knew how to make the most of it – by simply enjoying the panorama of the city.
Taking into account everything I’ve seen of the city, I’ve listed here few of the spots one must see before leaving Riga.

Old Town



Many or most of the highlights in Riga are found in the Old Town. Walking through the streets, you’ll see many of Rigas’s medieval and wooden architectures as well as lots of church spires. The cityscape of the Old Town of Riga compared to other cities I’ve visited is a lot different. In the Old Town, make sure you visit the 14th century Riga Castle, Riga Dome Cathedral, St. James Church, House of the Blackheads and the Freedom Monument to name a few.

Art Nouveau District


Example of Art Noveau

I don’t know exactly what Art Noveau is but this photo above is an example of an Art Nouveau style.
On a street called Alberta Street in the northern section of the city, you can find several buildings in Art Nouveau style lining up the street. It’s really a good place to simply stroll around and enjoy the view.

St. Peter’s Church
Want to view the city from the top? Head to St. Peter’s Church where from the spire of the church you can look down over Riga and enjoy an unbeatable view of the city.

In addition to those I mentioned above, make sure to visit these places below too. It’s really interesting and each has its own stories to tell.

Enjoy Riga!

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