Flea Market Shopping In Mumbai

Chaotic traffic, jam-packed trains, Bollywood movies and curry taste – this is the city of Mumbai, India’s bustling commercial capital and home to several and liveliest flea markets.

Given the chance to visit this massive city of India, I would want to visit first-hand at least one of its flea markets. And finally, three years ago, I was in Mumbai not as visiting tourist but as ship crew member. The ship docked at Ballard Pier and it’s about 10 minutes ride to downtown area. Mumbai is a big city and with very limited time to spend ashore, I hired a taxi and contracted the same driver all along – from the port to downtown area to as far as the flea market and back to port.
Traffic in Mumbai is really bad but I don’t care, I am used to Manila’s worst traffic too. Jam-packed trains? Well, how about the LRT and MRT in Manila? Bollywood movies? Oh, I have watched few of them but I don’t want to say anything about it. India’s spicy curry flavour? I love the flavour and that’s one of the few reasons why I could not lose weight. 🙂
How about shopping in Mumbai? Well shopping in Mumbai is interesting and that’s the very place I told the taxi driver to take me to. If I don’t find the sites of Mumbai appealing, the friendliness of local Mumbaikars and my visit to the vibrant Chor Bazaar, a very popular spot in Mumbai in terms of flea market shopping, covered up what Mumbai seemingly not having enough. From vintage items and antiques, furniture and clothes to mobile phones, watches and shoes – one can find almost everything and anything at Chor Bazar. Even stolen items anywhere in the city would usually end up in Chor Bazaar. Well, that was what the taxi driver turned local guide who was with me all along told me. He may be joking or not, well, that was one interesting thing to know.
Some items at Chor Bazaar are tagged at really high price but if you are the type of shopper who ceaselessly haggle or bargain, you can even get the item half of its quoted price. I saw this beautiful carpet on display but the price was staggering. Then I remembered that I am one of the best hagglers back in the Philippines and I could not find any good reason not to use my haggling skills all the way here. Know what? I left Chor Bazaar smiling ear to ear with the carpet along.
Chor Bazaar is worth a visit especially if it’s your first time in Mumbai. And my visit to the market that day was an experience reminding me about what flea market shopping was like in Mumbai. Flea markets in Mumbai is really interesting and for me, it’s a one – stop place to know a lot more about the city.

  1. I totally agree, I found that bazaar exciting and lively, I wanted to savour every minute. But time was of the essence. When I go back, I would like to just potter around and absorb everything again.

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