Herbertstrasse – Welcoming street for Men But Not For Women

Walls of HerbertstrasseMy friends told me no one is supposed to leave Hamburg without visiting Reeperbahn, the lively and pulsating side of Hamburg during the night. So for curiosity sake, I gave it a go and I visited the place to see for myself what really Reeperbahn is all about. With flashy neon lit hoardings and billboards dominating around the place and the activities happening inside the bars, clubs and (I am really hesitant to mention this but I need to) lastly but not the least, the brothels, Reeperbahn truly is a must visit spot in Hamburg to complete the fun and adventure while in Germany.
I was just sort of window shopping in the area after that indulging visit in Hard Rock Cafe. I have no plans and never will I become one of the brothel’s customers, that’s a big big no. I was only there just for curiosity and for a little bit fun.
Since I still had few hours to spare after visiting Hard Rock Cafe, I continued to wander around and I discovered one place to make my St. Pauli adventure complete. I hope my friends did not miss this one very interesting back alley just very short walk away from the Reeperbahn avenue. It is called Herbertstrasse, dubbed as the most sinful street of Hamburg since the Nazi era.
But contrary to the glitzy and lively Reeperbahn ambiance, Herbertstrasse is in some way inconspicuous with its less flashy low glowing red lights lighting the narrow street. Herbertstrasse is a short street with wall hoardings at both ends. And the interesting part here is of course not the walls but what to see behind those walls. Sitting in what looks like shop windows, are beautiful women in scanty outfit waiting for customers. And this makes the walk at Herbertstrasse street interesting.
Herbertstrasse is a place in Hamburg which is in fact one very welcoming street for men but absolutely not for women. Women may enter past the walls easily but they may leave the hard way as chances are they will be chased away or get douche with a bucket of water from the women inside the glass enclosures. Anyway, there is a warning sign written outside the walls saying that women and those below 18 years old are forbidden to pass through the street.
Well, that was absolutely one exciting night I had in Hamburg. Passing through that forbidden street seems surreal but I had it all happened.

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