I Did It Again In St. Pauli

Last night in Hamburg, a faceoff between the phony person inside me and the real me spouted.

Reeperbahn_St_PauliPhony in the sense that when it comes to nightlife, I am not really so sure of myself – whether I am into it or I am just holding back away from it. Anyway to make the nonsense short story really short, I gave the real me a go – I went ashore and revisited St. Pauli, Hamburg’s liveliest district especially during the night.
I arrived Reeperbahn, the street and entertainment center in St. Pauli. With neon billboards glittering everywhere along the whole street, it’s still the Reeperbahn I saw 4 years ago. There’s Bierstube, Dollhouse Beach Club, Paradise Point of Sex and Suss Show Bar which seemed to appear so quiet and less bustled but actually a lot of things were happening inside.
But tourists beware! Few bars in St. Pauli are not always safe to hang around. These are bars located not in the main streets of St. Pauli and these are bars not even frequented by locals. These bars are darkened and appear to be quiet. Inside, lady hosts will approach and ask for a drink. The cost of the lady’s drink is extortionate. If you won’t pay the excessive bill, doors will be locked and demand payment.
Sex shops are also common sights in this section of St. Pauli. Nobody cares if anyone goes in and comes out with a paper bag in hand. Whatever is inside the bag, nobody really cares.
But Reeperbahn is not just all about brothels. Shops and restaurants also exist. Anyone looking for cheap leather jackets, boots, garments and even phone accessories, certainly you’ll find it in Reeperbahn.
Popular fast foods like Burger King, Mc Donald’s and KFC are just around the corner. If you are looking for Asian foods on the menu, Chinese restaurant Tian Fu along Hein- Hoyer Street on the other side of the road fronting Burger King is worth checking out.
But since I wanted to spend the night away for some beers, steak, fries, burger and music, I walked to as far as where Hard Rock Cafe is. I walked inside, placed my order and in no time, I find a table at the roof top open air area with a refreshing huge mug of beer, a huge burger, a huge steak and fries – everything on the plate were huge. I should have stayed there for a bit longer and enjoy the music but I needed a good rest – I hate feeling sleepy and look haggard at work. So, for about an hour of indulging and relaxing evening, I left Hard Rock Cafe. My plan was to head straight back to the ship but for some reason I decided to revisit another place called Herbertstrasse which is just few minutes walk away from Hard Rock Cafe.
St. Pauli may not be the desired place for some but for me it’s one interesting place to visit in Hamburg.

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