Idiot Politicians And Their Dumb Ass

With the ongoing siege from the neighboring city of Marawi, those who are not from Mindanao would easily conclude that it’s dangerous to visit or live in Mindanao. I was born in Mindanao and I live in Mindanao, so I strongly disagree to that conclusion because despite all these events, Mindanao is still a safe place to live, even safer than Manila. At least in Mindanao we knew who those people are that military forces are fighting with.
Regardless of religious belief or political opinion, whether Muslims or Christians, there’s no one else has the right to judge and tell to the world anything about Mindanao but its very own people – people who both witnessed the conflicts and suffered from the many atrocities happening around Mindanao in the past.
When President Duterte was elected and put to power to lead the nation, Mindanao and the rest of the Philippines has become safer than it was. His daring fight to totally blot out drugs and his bold action to defeat terrorism is of overwhelming force. And to think that not even one from the past presidents has ever done that, President Duterte is the kind of president more than enough dedicated to make the real change – the change that Filipino people looked for.
When siege erupted in once peaceful Marawi City, people of Mindanao can’t help but to worry for the next thing that can happen. But when President Duterte declared Martial Law around the whole of Mindanao, we, feel very much protected and in some ways we feel that Mindanao is now a lot safer to live.
Martial Law is extended, so what? President Duterte simply has his own effective way, he knows what he’s doing and it’s all about attaining and keeping peace in Mindanao and to win the battle against terrorism.
Idiots and clown politicians who are against the proclamation of Martial Law in Mindanao, you better shut your mouth and put your dumb ass to work. And kayong mga nag ra rally dyan sa Manila, obviously, you don’t know what you’re doing. Punta kayo dito sa Mindanao and see how peaceful most part of Mindanao is and once you’re here e compare nyo dyan sa Manila. Or punta rin kayo sa Marawi City para makita nyo ng personal at maranasan ang katakot takot na sitwasyon doon. Pag ginawa nyo ito, for sure so you will understand why Presidente Duterte declared Martial Law and tatahimik na yang mga bunganga nyo.

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