Kiel Canal Sights

Though I’ve transited the Kiel Canal several times, the 61-mile long fresh water channel never ceases to amaze me.

Kiel Canal

Entering Brunsbuttel Lock in the Kiel Canal

In rain or in sunshine, the view has always been beautiful. The countryside landscape unfolding in every ship’s turn along the narrow channel are always stunning. Navigating on a place like this, fellow sailors make sure you have your camera at hand – the amazing sights happen anytime.

Recently, I transited the canal once again. If haze was obstructing the view during those two previous transits, that recent transit was amazing – the weather was perfectly perfect for another remarkable canal cruising. We entered the first lock in the morning and by late afternoon, we were out from the canal.

To share some views in the Kiel Canal, here are some of the most notable and not to be missed Kiel Canal scenes.

Kiel Canal

Wheat Fields

On approach to Audorf Rade Siding, the view from the wheat fields are remarkable. This reminded me of a science fiction movie (I could not remember the title) where a flying saucer landed on wheat fields. As the ship continued its way, we pass by this small port of Rade – claimed to be the smallest port recorded in the Guinness Book.

Kiel Canal

Bridge linking Rendsburg and Osterronfeld

Then we passed by this bridge linking Rendsburg and Osterronfeld. On passing the bridge, we received a salute from a restaurant located very close to the base of the bridge. On passing, a German flag just in front of the restaurant was lowered to half-mast. In respond, we also lowered the ship’s registry flag to half-mast.

Few things I learned about the canal. Thanks to the chatty Kiel Canal pilot.

Kiel Canal

One of the fixed bridges in the Kiel Canal

All the fixed bridges crossing the canal have a clearance height of 42 metres or 138 ft. So, those ships of over 40 meters high has to lower or unfold the mast before entering the channel. While large cruise ships and cargo ships cannot pass through this canal due to clearance limitations under bridges, some of these large ships have funnels and masts that can be lowered for passage.

The Kiel Canal provides a link between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea saving shipping companies massive amount of fuel by cutting an average distance of 250 nautical miles or 460 km if the ship has to go around the Jutland Peninsula.

Before dark, we’re out of Kiel-Holtenau in the Baltic Sea from Brunsbüttel in the North Sea.

  1. Hashtag Pinoy says:

    oo nga kakaiba talaga ang view. kaso lamg kapag winter dito napakalamig naman. maganda pa rin sa atin…

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