My Oman Air Flight From Muscat To Salalah

Arriving Muscat on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha, I realized how stupid I was keeping that negative thoughts in mind that after a long flight, I will be dealing again with another bunch of rude people at the airport.

Oman Air flight WY 903 in Muscat International Airport

Oman Air flight WY 903 in Muscat International Airport

But the soft nature of the Omani personnel at the immigration counter in Muscat International Airport proved that I was wrong. How that callow and baseless perception came into my mind? Well, I don’t really know.
I was only transiting Muscat to catch my connecting flight for Salalah to join my next ship assignment. The flight took off Muscat International Airport at 08:30AM, exactly according to what was in the flight itinerary.

Oman Air's Embraer ERJ175 Cabin

Oman Air’s Embraer ERJ175 Cabin

I wanted to capture Oman in as much places permitted for photo taking – in the airport premises, on the way to the waiting plane and inside Oman Air flight’s Embraer ERJ175. So, my camera started clicking even before the plane lift off the ground. But I learned something about photo taking in Oman and I must put this in my mind, otherwise I will be in trouble.
Taking pictures of women without requesting and obtaining permission beforehand is not advisable in Oman. If female flight attendants in other airlines don’t mind passengers taking photos of them, don’t do that onboard Oman Air. I was about 8 seats away when the flight attendant noticed that I was pointing my camera to her direction. She approached me and sternly telling me to delete the photos. I should have approach the attendant and ask for her permission first.

Aerial view of Salalah, Oman

Aerial view of Salalah, Oman

The 90 – minute flight to Salalah, the second largest city in Oman on the Southern part of the country, was smooth. Since it was daytime I had the whole magnificent view of Oman 35,000 feet down below – buildings dotting the vast dessert, the mountain ranges and long stretch of never ending highways. With my camera in hand, I did not let the chance for that great photo opportunity slipped by.


Oman Air flight WY 903 in Salalah International Airport

Plane touched down Salalah International Airport, Oman’s secondary international airport after Muscat International Airport. Then after my passport was stamped by the immigration, I proceed to the arrival lounge and met the agent who drove me straight to the ship docked in Salalah’s industrial port about 15 to 20 – minute drive from the airport.

Salalah International Airport

Salalah International Airport

With the city’s beautiful beaches, ruined palaces, tombs and groves of frankincense trees to name a few, Salalah considerably enjoys cruise ship visits. So that was why I travelled that far – to join and get back to work for another contract on a cruise ship.

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