Shanghai’s Pudong District, So Close But Out Of Reach

One of the many destinations I wanted to visit is Shanghai, the largest commercial center in China choke full of gleaming skyscrapers dominating the skyline. Yes, I am a big Sim City fanatic. I played Sim City 4 before and now with Sim City 2013, I remain a hard working city mayor. During the game, I always patterned my city layout between these two cities – Shanghai or New York. So when the ship visited Shanghai sometimes in the summer of 2015, for the first time I finally had seen in person the very city influential in the game.
The ship docked on the colonial riverside of Huangpu River fronting Pudong, the skyscraper-laden financial center of Shanghai. So, we were in Shanghai’s old district called The Bund where colonial era buildings are lining the streets. With many small shops everywhere, in this district you’ll find clothes, toys and gadgets tagged at really cheap price. Well, obviously, what you’ll find here are 99% fake goods and 1% genuine. So, if you are not that particular, you’ll find shopping here interesting.
Crossing to the other side of the river where Pudong is can only take few minutes but as expected, communication issue with taxi drivers in this part of the world is inevitable. None of the taxi drivers speak English – I don’t want to cross to the other side of the river just to buy some branded RTWs, toys for my kids or even electronic gadgets and later on have trouble getting back to the ship.
But anyway, before the ship left Shanghai later in the evening, I had the best shot of Shanghai highlighting Pudong with its skyscrapers – that photo above. I was stationed aft for docking maneuver and I had my phone with me. Normally, I don’t bring my phone during ship maneuvers but for that instance, I really had to. Thanks to the super-duper phone camera.
‘So close but out of reach’ – was the most befitting words for that visit in Shanghai and for that day alone only.

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