Shopping and Specialties In Kobe

Arriving Kobe from Tokyo absolutely means I'll be seeing more of Japan's interesting spots, dine at least few of its many restaurants and the most interesting part, I will have more time to experience Japan.

kobe_japanWhile high rise buildings dominate most of Tokyo’s skyline, mountainous backdrop in Kobe is a contrasting landscape of nature against both old and modern day Kobe.
Arriving Kobe on a cruise ship, the nearest interesting spot is Kobe Meriken Park. It is a waterfront park in Kobe’s port area. Also near the port area are few other important landmarks in Kobe such as the Maritime Museum, a museum for visiting tourists to have an overview about the history of Kobe and the red Port Tower, a symbolic landmark of the port of Kobe.

Shopping in Kobe
If you are looking for designer brands and stylish apparel shops, just head to the Old Foreign Settlement. This area is well-known in Kobe as high-end shopping area.
Sannomiya, Kobe’s largest shopping district is also well worth visiting. Here you’ll find cafes and restaurants and many local and international apparel shops.
Want to buy nice cheaper goodies? Just either head to Nankin-machi or indulge frenzy shopping at Motomachi Shopping Arcade.

Kobe Specialties
Kobe Beef
Haven’t heard this yet but it’s worth tasting. So while in Kobe, do not miss the opportunity to taste the real Kobe beef.Generally, Kobe beef is a popular Kobe delicacy renowned for its tenderness, flavor and texture.
Many popular Sake breweries are in Kobe. Some sake companies have exhibition room to allow visitors taste their produce.

My visit in Kobe was very short but to be able to see at least few of the city’s many interesting spots in one day was something I thought impossible to attain. But I made it and hopefully someday I could have another visit in Kobe.

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