Sights In The Elbe River

Elbe River serves as passage for all ships heading to Hamburg. Cargo ships and cruise vessels on all sizes comes in and leaves Hamburg through the river – a very busy river isn’t it?

Transiting the Elbe River from Elbe Pilot station, it takes around 8 hours to arrive into the port of Hamburg. One long journey indeed but the sights during the transit are not to be missed. The sights are less well-known but very German.

Scenic German Countryside
The acres of farm fields in green and yellow, colorful farm houses, cattles grazing, people fishing along the river banks – oh these are landscape so beautiful to see and no doubt a very interesting subject for landscape photography.

Schulau – The welcome point to Hamburg
Upon passing this building in Schulau, inbound ships are welcomed to Hamburg. Expect to hear the national anthem of the ship’s nationality .

Houses In Blankenese
After that welcoming tune in Schulau, prepare your cameras and get ready to capture beautiful photos as the ship passes Blankanese. It is a village dotted with beautiful German/European style houses.

Airbus Factory
If you want to see an Airbus 380 in the making, this is the place! Well, you won’t actually see an Airbus 380 from the outside but at least you get a glimpse of the huge building where the world’s biggest airliners – Airbus 380 – are being assembled inside.

Beautiful City of Hamburg
After passing the huge Airbus assembly plant, the vibrant city of Hamburg gets into view. This time, get ready to be captivated with all the beautiful scenery of Hamburg.

Enjoy Hamburg!

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