Sihanoukville, Not So Impressive But Worth Checking Out

We arrived port of Sihanoukville, a seaside city of Cambodia more known for its beautiful beaches.

In addition to the beaches, there’s nothing much that impressed me in Sihanoukville other than the relaxed surrounding.
Downtown Sihanoukville is about 10 to 15 ride from the port. And with few nearby shops from the gate offering nothing worthwhile for tourists to drop by, it’ either you better head straight to the beaches or to Sihanoukville’s sprawling central market where you will find some souvenirs and get to taste some of its street foods. Or if you think it’s your lucky day, you may also visit the casino.
Cambodia is still recouping from the Vietnam War and from the horrible rule of Khmer Rouge regime. But despite all these, the country is slowly and slowly inching its way to the touristic forefront. So, if you are visiting Cambodia, be prepared to deal with beggars or some children selling trinkets on the streets. But what is shading out a very small amount from your wallet in exchange of helping them. You’ll take it or not, it’s all up to you.
Sihanoukville may not be so impressive but its beaches are worth checking out.

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