Singapore In 4 Amazing Spots

To completely explore Singapore, a day or two would not be enough – there’s so much to see and explore in the Garden City of Southeast Asia.

From nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries to glitzy and colourful ray of laser lights beaming the city skies at night, Singapore offers a lot more to visitors.
The ship arrived Singapore and stayed in port overnight but still, it was not that long – not even long enough to see at least few of its most popular spots. Well, time may be short but I planned way ahead where to spend my free time in Singapore. I came up with a long list but when the ship left Singapore the day after, I only managed to visit 4 amazing spots.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

marina bay sandsHave you ever imagined gazing at the glittering city skyline from above and enjoying a top-of-the-world feeling? Marina Bay Sands Hotel is probably one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Singapore. Anyone who comes to Singapore for business or for leisure undoubtedly would want to visit the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. In fact, in some points, some tourists book the hotel just for the pool experience.
Surreal but literally real, the pool looks like one could almost fall off where the water meets the edge. But the pool just looks out of this world, it’s totally worth taking the risk. Once in the pool and looked over the edge, it is actually fine. There’s a double layer of safety and literally no way anyone could fall off. (Now that’s engineering!)
Facing the Marina Bay of Singapore, the pool allows pool-goers to watch the beautiful and exceptional sunset and sunrise in addition to the breathtaking panoramic view of the city’s skyline. Gazing at the glittering city-skyline from above, one would enjoy that top-of-the-world feeling. Taking photos of the wonderful view is definitely worth the camera risk. One could easily see why the pool has become absolutely iconic and made rounds of good advertising online.
Afraid of height? Well, the unique and fabulous experience to swim in the world’s highest infinity pool will made you conquer your huge fear of heights. Being on top and overlooking the city, one could tell that Singapore is small, compact and neat but with so much bustling of energy going on.
For those who simply would just want to be there and don’t feel like going into the pool, Marina Bay Sands Hotel has few bars and restaurants to enjoy too.
Marina Bay Sands Hotel of course is pricey but it’s totally worth it. Many who have been there would love to repeat the experience and explore more of what Marina Bay Sands could offer.
Photo: Stefano Ravalli

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
Can you imagine how amazing it is walking in an insect sanctuary in a bustling and highly citified city?
Away from roaring engines and honking of horns, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is located in Sentosa island. Set in an enclosed and tropical – like environment, the park is an attraction in Singapore where you’ll find gardens with countless of colourful butterflies around, beetles, bugs and even scorpions. But reality bites, I can’t spend the whole day in the park. I need to visit another place in my list.

Cable Car
From the confines of Singapore’s nature themed park to the 360-degree view of Singapore’s skyline, I had my first cable car ride experience. Originating from Harbour Front Center, the ride takes me to a panoramic view of Sentosa, the harbour and Singapore’s skyline. The cable car ride is a must do activity in Singapore – the ride is a great and cost saving way to see the city from above.

Orchard Road and Lucky Plaza
If I spent my first day in Singapore to some kind of thrill and exciting adventure, I decided to spend the second day in the city visiting at least one of the places I frequented way back 10 years ago. Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s most popular shopping districts and it is where many Filipinos working in Singapore head to during Sundays. And in this popular road, you can find Lucky Plaza, a shopping mall popular to many OFWs. Inside the mall are several remittance centres, foreign exchange or money changers, Filipino restaurants and shops selling variety of imported products from the Philippines. These are mostly grocery items normally available in sari-sari stores and supermarkets in the Philippines. There is also Jollibee outlet inside Lucky Plaza and it is where I decided to have my late lunch. It was Sunday when I visited Lucky Plaza and it was packed with fellow “kabayans”. So when the ship visited Singapore, I made up my mind to visit again Orchard Road.
From Marina Bay Cruise Terminal, it’s very easy to get to Orchard Road. From the cruise terminal, it’s about 5-minute walk to Marina South Pier MRT Station where you’ll board the train to Somerset Station. Getting MRT ticket is very easy. Just a touch of a button, insert a Singapore dollar paper bill and in seconds you’ll have your ticket. No worries if you don’t have the exact amount, the ticket vending machine gives the exact change. It’s intelligent! Marina Bay South Pier to Somerset Station costs S$1.60. Then at Somerset Station alight from the MRT. Lucky Plaza is only about 8 –minute walk.
Getting back to Marina South Pier is very easy, simply take the reverse trip of the MRT from Somerset Station and alight at Marina South Pier Station.
Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world but it is not to be underrated. It may be one very small dot on a world map, but don’t be deceived – Singapore is a lot larger than it is.

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